Upcoming shows
We always thought that the greater part of the Bulgarian public is the exclusive connoisseur ...
Obviously, we Bulgarians have the amazing ability to make and understand art, regardless of the circumstances and material possibilities.
Seems inborn emotionality, exceptional natural beauty and gifts given to us instead of demanding story and dramatic twists.
Either way, the willingness to support, create and appreciate exceptional things is unique ...
Therefore the Bulgarian public deserves to see many more theatrical masterpieces ...
And to touch before many more others the most recent ideas of serious artists ...
Galaxy Super Stars
Galaxy Super Stars In 2010 will present a dance show in Sofia
Galaxy Super Stars, which will bring the most elite professional couples in the world.
In the Show will involve four world Champion,
won a total of 20 World Titles!
Galaxy Super Stars will be the annual Super Show in Sofia
spectators who will gather from across Europe.
Sofia Open & Professional Grand
Sofia Open & Professional Grand In 2010 will once again organize a grand
International Tournament Sofia Open.
The tournament carries points for the World Rank list and it will again take part in the top 10 couples in the world.

Sofia audience will enjoy performances of world dignitaries and show magnetic "Evergreen".
“Rhythm & Corrida” – Upcoming world premiere
“Rhythm & Corrida” – Upcoming world premiere Another cult title in our creative plans is
dance epic "Rhythm and Corrida".
Dizzying two-hour show, whose world premiere will take place in Sofia,
is a unique combination of Argentine Tango, Flamenco and Latin American rhythms.

In our scenario!
The Duel of The Giants 3
The Duel of The Giants 3 Sofia will show in the third edition of the duel:

ICE against PARQUET!

"Duel of the Titans" 3 will show the race between four couples in the World Latin American dances and four world pairs figure skating.
On a dance floor with two scenes - ice and flooring - will present
Giants in both dances.

“Burn the Floor” in Bulgaria
“Burn the Floor”  in Bulgaria "With patent leather shoes" in preparation for placement of the legendary show"Burn the Floor" in Bulgaria
in his newest version "FloorPlay".
Sofia will be one of the last points in the world
where it will be seen live.

Coming soon more information.