Has become a tradition at the end of March, to present first-class show in Sofia on parquet.
Our biggest event in the early stage of this year was "The Duel of The Giants" 2.
Title "The Duel of The Giants" was specifically created for the first edition of the show last year and even grabbed his appearance with the audience.
Following the success, the name became a byword for "the biggest fights in the country - in public, sports and even politically.
Anyway, "The Duel of The Giants" is our trademark.
And one of the indisputable evidence that inventors have a creative attitude!
The second edition of "duel" carried a special emotional charge.
Six couples dance world, representatives of state - "Giants" in this field, dashed into three-hour Team Race between nations!
On the dance floor stood the representatives of three of the strongest dance schools in the world!
Gradations in the emotional peak of the evening was the race of two Bulgarian couples against six world leader ...
This year, "The Duel of The Giants" was a real element ...
From the first second until the final bow!
The show began with a brilliant performance of sensual Spanish dance and ended with a magnificent show of Bulgarian winners ...
The evening was emotional, colorful, dynamic, inclusive ...
One memorable sequence ...