To Advertisers and Partners
Dear Advertiser,
Dear Partners,
I have repeatedly tried to express my respect for your professionalism.
I have repeatedly said that recognition can not be spoken with words ...
In past years many steps walked up!
Swung to the way, the ambitions of their implementation and reaped successes
became emblematic of our joint work ...
Anywhere handwriting was the same, and he betrayed the style of our exclusive partnership!
Together we implemented major projects ...
Presented great performances:
"The Best of The Best"
"Cristmas Tale"
"Latin American Fantasy"
"THE 50` S SHOW "
"Duel of The Giants" ...
These are just sketches of our joint work ...
Write about them with pride and amazement! ...
Feel that together we are creating a world where dreams come true!
"Impossible is just what you do not dream!"
Here is our working motto!
Thank you wrote it together!
Roza Sisoeva
"With patent leather shoes"