"Whith patent leather shoes" - Trademark ...
I can not deny that a few years ago wondered how a Bulgarian "brand" could be of value in Europe ... Is the general idea of high-image and how feasible it is able to assess the merits and our reputation ...
Increasingly convinced that a thriving trade mark has the burden everywhere!
"With patent leather shoes" is unique brand from its inception.
Of finding the name of the establishment of his handwriting, from taking the direction ...
From the start we knew that our audience will be
humans of the values,
promoters of art,
connoisseurs of masterpieces ...
We knew that our audience will be eager to
major projects,
good style,
creative uniqueness ...
So draw our own route ...
Eight years are going in this direction.
True to style, and our fans. Aspire to leave our mark ...
Today our brand is among the first in Europe in the dance show business!
"With patent leather shoes" standing in the titles of the biggest Performances!
Manipulating the brightest stars on the world stage! Open new horizons for the dance art!
The brand stands with dignity!
Because the cult of style has weight everywhere!
Roza Sisoeva
"With patent leather shoes"