Name, motto, values
Our name has been specially selected. It is among our most outstanding features and is our trademark.
"With patent leather shoes" is an expression of our aspiration to build their entire style and style in the spirit of elegance and spiritual spiritual heights.
"With patent leather shoes" said and for an artistry, which particularly stick and the original way of thinking embedded in all our projects, events and messages.
OUR MOTTO - "Expedition to dance peaks"
Each organization has its own serious motto, which is an integral part of its name.
This slogan is a wisdom of her values and ideas
Our motto has two key words:
- expedition - because we assumed the steep way of a great challenge
- peaks - because the goal of this expedition is the global recognition
Values on which we build the whole our philosophy are:
- Will, Faith and Heart
We believe in our performance, power and potential!
We have Will to achieve your goals!
Nothing would have stopped striving for Our hearts!
With Will, Faith and the Heart walk together up!
- Innovation and Style
Belonging to traditional values and immutable beauty do not stop striving for our thoughts
for more innovative ventures and different approach. We are artists in soul and
each of our initiative is the flight to a new world ...
- Mood
All our tear and strict way of working does not interfere with the cozy atmosphere
that we create together. We know how to have fun, and few people do it and
every moment of the joy of success is the common favorite memories ...